This website is a resource for all those that seek information about and wish to implement Science Based Solutions to the problem of climate change. What are they? Can the world stay within 1.5-2° C warming? What will it take?

Thanks to scientific research we know that we need to reach zero or net zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050 at the latest and that billions of tonnes of greenhouse-gases need to be removed or drawndown from the atmosphere to stay within 1.5° C warming of our planet. We also know that emissions need to halve every decade starting in 2020. These are Science Based Targets (SBT) and the Science Based Solutions exist already to keep us safe from catastrophic climate change.  In addition to solving climate change these solutions will save millions of lives, provide millions of jobs and reduce $trillions in costs to society.

This is not “magical thinking” as vested interests are claiming but scientifically researched solutions that, for example, replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, intensive synthetic mono-cultural agriculture with regenerative agriculture and meat with a plant based diet and plant based meat. So why are they not being deployed? And why is the world on track to exceed the 1.5° C limit by the 2040s and 3° C by end of this century?

Get your tickets for Nobel Laureate Jacques Dubochet’s talk on “Science-based Solutions to Global Warming” and hear about Drawdown climate solutions that you can implement at this free event on 13th November 2018, International School of Geneva.


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